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Hogwarts is History - A 7th Year Harry Potter RPG

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During the summer, Harry, Hermione and Ron had worked hard and destroyed another two Horcruxes. But there is still at least one inanimate Horcrux and the Trio suspects it resides in Hogwarts.

When they tell McGonagall near the end of summer, the Headmistress admits that the Order suspects the League of Death Eaters will sneak one of theirs into the castle to protect the Horcrux. Right now, there can't be done anything about it but with the start of the school year they need to find the impostor or the Horcrux before the imposting Death Eater can find and take it out of the reach of the Trio.

May the hunt for the Horcrux begin.

Strong emphasis on the Horcrux hunt and the discovering of the impostor rather than on the Death Eater aspect of the Plot.

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Still looking for HARRY and RON!!!
Hermione misses them dearly and Draco is bored without Potty and Weasel to taunt.
Hermione, Ginny and Neville are looking for their fellow Gryffs.
Hannah and Wayne are looking for Ernie, Justin and the other Huffs.
Draco, Pansy and Daphne are looking for Blaise, Goyle and the rest of the snakes.
Kevin, Sam, Micheal and Luna are also looking for their fellow house mates.
The staff table still needs to be filled with the heads of house and assorted teachers.
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